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Demonstration of the Typographical Errors Generator Part 1

Original Strings:

asbestos cancer attorney
mesothelioma cancer attorney
mesothelioma cancer center
peritoneal cancer mesothelioma
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cancer caused by asbestos



dbo.GenerateIncorrectKeystrokeTypos('asbestos cancer attorney')



dbo.GenerateIncorrectKeystrokeTypos('mesothelioma cancer attorney')



dbo.GenerateIncorrectKeystrokeTypos('mesothelioma cancer center')



dbo.GenerateIncorrectKeystrokeTypos('peritoneal cancer mesothelioma')



dbo.GenerateIncorrectKeystrokeTypos('asbestos cancer lawyer')



dbo.GenerateIncorrectKeystrokeTypos('asbestos cancer mesothelioma')



dbo.GenerateIncorrectKeystrokeTypos('asbestos lung cancer disease')



dbo.GenerateIncorrectKeystrokeTypos('asbestos and colon cancer')



dbo.GenerateIncorrectKeystrokeTypos('asbestos lung cancer')



dbo.GenerateIncorrectKeystrokeTypos('asbestos cancer treatment')



dbo.GenerateIncorrectKeystrokeTypos('cancer caused by asbestos')

Typographical Errors:

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